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Feiliks develops the new path in ASEAN

In October 2020, the Ho Chi Minh branch of Feiliks International Supply  Chain Management (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was officially opened for operation. Now, relying on Pingxiang, an important city on the border of China and Vietnam, and combined with the service platform and resources of Feiliks in Guangxi, through the establishment of a subsidiary company in North and South Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as “Vietnam Feiliks”), Feiliks opened a new ASEAN channel and realized the comprehensive service delivery capacity in Vietnam.

The company can provide warehousing, air and sea transportation, cross-border transportation, inland transportation, customs declaration and other services, and has won unanimous praise from customers in terms of warehouse management, distribution and equipment relocation. Following the customer’s plan to move to the south, Feiliks always aspires to do more and better, providing professional and comprehensive supply chain solutions for customers in Southeast Asia.

In order to adapt to the trend of southward development of global manufacturing supply chains, Feiliks will also  keep pace with the times, accompany customers and continue deep exploration in supply chain management.