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Congratulations on the Successful Completion of the Opening Ceremony of Chongqing Log-Inn Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

At 9:38 a.m. on October 31, with showers on the ground, the opening ceremony of Chongqing Log-Inn Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was grandly held. The company’s important customers, cooperative companies and other companies of the same industry attended the ceremony.

Chongqing Log-Inn supply chain is an important logistics base of Feiliks in Southwest China, and also a landing company of management platform of smart park. Its infrastructure construction is undertaken by the world-famous enterprise GLP, and the smart park management platform is designed and constructed by the West Institute of CAICT. The construction of the park officially started in April 2019 and completed, checked and accepted in June this year. The project covers a total area of more than 86,000 square meters. There are 5,000 square meters of comprehensive office buildings equipped with various facilities and 45,000 square meters of the high-standard warehouse, which has both bonded and non-bonded functions.

At the ceremony, Geng Hao, President of Jiangsu Feiliks, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt appreciation to all the guests. Yao Qin, chairman of the board of directors of Jiangsu Feiliks, and Wu Youyi, vice chairman of the board of directors of Jiangsu Feiliks, dotted the eyes, plucked the green, and welcomed the good fortune of the lion. Later, Mr. Zhu Gang, general manager of Feiliks southwest region, and some guest representatives cut the ribbon for the opening.

Log-Inn Supply Chain is a big step of Feiliks in resource improvement. This is another important measure for Feiliks to complete the mission to “help Chinese manufacturing enterprises to improve supply chain management efficiency and realize customer value proposition”.

Editor Tang Youchun